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You are planing of doing it your self DIY?

If you lack skills or like to be sure you will do it right we can pop in

and give you the needed advice on material and teach you the needed skills

to carry out the work correctly.

DIY only saves you money once you know what you are doing

and once you know how to do the work.

Our advice will be within your budget.

A single call out is charged £79

You can call as many times you need but mostly once will do the need to gain the skills.

We come to you in all London, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey. 

Simply come in contact to book your skills and advice meeting. (up to 3h of advice and skills provided)

This offer is reserved for domestic DIY projects.

If you do a commercial DIY project we charge a commercial rate per hour £35 (Minimum charge 3h equal to £105)



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