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Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs), which contain a details report of the facility condition which requires a process that analyzes the physical condition of a facility and its equipment.

The assessment takes several factors into account including building age, design, assets, materials used, and more. We may use trusted external experts to carry out the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) such as Architects, Electrical Engineers etc...


This analysis can be done by walk-through inspection (we go beyond and do not just walk-through, we go ontop beside and under where possible), to inspect thoroughly and to collect baseline data and can be performed on government or public, commercial, and private facilities.


Facility Condition Assessment is often used for Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Warehouses etc... to assess that a facility is still complying to its prose and to identify any repair or updating needs which also includes health and safety of a facility.  

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